Currently in production

Vleppyie Auwurs - TBA

Taxibotsing (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)

Man in de knoop (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)


Kim Young Ones - Circus

Nick Vean - What's under the hat

Nick Vean

De film die nooit afkwam (&Bromet, EO)

Joëlle Nagtegaal - Addicted To You

Koppie Koppie - Biri Koud

Sarina & co - Live @ peggy51

Kind Like Cow - Kind Like Cow


Vleppyie Auwurs - Lofzang op Laura

Nee heb je (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)

De dokter onder vuur (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)

Zelfvoorzienend met behoud van comfort (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)


Welcome home (&Bromet, Selfmade Films)

In een klap (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)

Sherry Amber - Ride it up


Doe-het-zelf zorg (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)

Je leven als wethouder (&Bromet)

Mijn recht, jouw recht (&Bromet)

Mont Ventoux: Huis aan het water


Brandend verlangen (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)

Homopesten (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)

Veelbelovend! (&Bromet, KRO/NCRV)


Pratende planten & ochtendurine (&Bromet, NCRV)

Bezem door de wallen (&Bromet, NCRV)


Conveniently located just north of Amsterdam, we combine a great sounding 70 m2 room with the right people and state-of-the-art analog gear and digital processing power.

Our extensive experience with clients on all kinds of 'sound stages' enables us to deliver efficiently and with the highest quality in any creative or artistic endeavour. We support production delivery for internet, television, radio, installations, tape, cd and vinyl.


We specialize in stage and field recording on portable multi-track setups. We're used to recording in demanding conditions worldwide, and experienced with techniques from lavaliering to M-S stereo booming.


We maintain a growing body of publishing agreements with creators, media producers and music and entertainment labels. Some of the music and soundtracks we facilitate are available for licensing, depending on prior agreements.


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